Screen Gems conjures up The Unsacred

Here's an interesting mash-up. Think THE POSSESSION meets THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT. That is how the spec script THE UNSACRED from writer Amanda Gusack (pictured right) is being described and now Deadline is reporting that Screen Gems has bought the spec with Peter and Alan Riche set to produce and Scott Strauss onboard to executive produce.

Unfortunately the log-line for THE UNSACRED is under wraps so for the time being all we know about the script is that it is being compared to other recent supernatural-themed films. The scribe, Amanda Gusack, is best known as the writer and director of the 2005 indie IN MEMORIUM and 2008's Melissa George-starring thriller THE BETRAYED, so she's no stranger to the art of ratcheting up the tension. Hopefully THE UNSACRED can deliver something unique to an oversaturated subgenre.

We will keep an eye on this project and keep you updated on news regarding THE UNSACRED as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: Does the comparisons to THE POSSESSION and THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT make you interested in THE UNSACRED?
Source: Deadline



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