See The Walking Dead in black and white this February!

Remember back in July when AMC decided to show the black-and-white version of THE WALKING DEAD pilot? Apparently the episode was successful enough to inspire the network to convert first and second seasons for air this February.

Showrunner Glen Mazzara recently retweeted a fan's photo, which featured the blurb from Walking Dead Magazine. Many are speculating this is his "seal of approval" of the conversion, harkening back to Frank Darabont's original vision of the show (much like his director's cut of THE MIST).

Robert Kirkman's original comic is in the format and the conversion should give the first two seasons a very appealing NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) feel. Plus, we can all appreciate AMC putting in the effort rather than just airing re-runs in their current format. Anyway, it's all an effort to get you primed for season 3 to begin February 10th. Stay tuned for more on that as news develops...

Extra Tidbit: Anyone check out the pilot converted? Did it add to experience or is it just a useless gimmick?
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