Sequel to 1990 slasher The Night Brings Charlie is in the works

The Night Brings Charlie Tom Logan Bruce Carson

Is there a horror movie that you remember fondly, something that made an impact on you, but you've found that a lot of your fellow horror fans aren't familiar with? For me, one of those movies is director Tom Logan's 1990 slasher THE NIGHT BRINGS CHARLIE. A large portion of my childhood was spent watching every slasher movie I could get my hands on, and THE NIGHT BRINGS CHARLIE was one of the slashers I watched at an impressionable age. More than twenty-five years later, I can still remember my first viewing of that film.

THE NIGHT BRINGS CHARLIE is the sole feature writing credit for Bruce Carson, who has been more prolific as a stuntman, having worked on such films as the original THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART II, the original A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, FREDDY'S DEAD: THE FINAL NIGHTMARE, and Tobe Hooper's CROCODILE. The movie had the following synopsis:

THE NIGHT BRINGS CHARLIE is a horrifying descent into the twisted killing spree of a psychopath. Charlie Puckett, a disfigured tree surgeon, becomes the prime suspect as a series of gruesome murders are committed with the deadly slash from a tree trimming saw. But in a town seized by terror, Charlie might not be the only thing to fear.

All these years later, Carson is expanding the writing section of his résumé by scripting a sequel titled THE NIGHT BRINGS CHARLIE BACK, a project he also intends to make his feature directorial debut.

The ending of the first film did leave the door wide open for a sequel, but with so much time having passed I figured the chances of Charlie coming back were zero. I love that Carson is finally working on getting the sequel off the ground and look forward to watching its progress - and to eventually watching the film itself.

The script is in place, locations are secured, and a cast is being assembled, so hopefully Charlie will be stalking the night again very soon.

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