Shane Black attached to direct the Predator reboot for Fox

Shane Black, the screenwriter behind LETHAL WEAPON and writer-director of KISS KISS BANG BANG and IRON MAN 3, has just been attached to write the treatment for Fox’s reboot of PREDATOR, who will then hand over scripting duties to Fred Dekker (MONSTER SQUAD), reports THR. While Black is overseeing the writing duties he’s also attached to direct the film as well. If anyone is going to get the nod to bring PREDATOR back to life I can't imagine many people being better suited for the job than Black. He was originally approached to help draft the script for the 1987 film, which he ultimately turned down. He did, however, have a role in the film as Hawkins.

It's actually kind of awesome that all these years later he would end up steering Fox's reboot of PREDATOR. So we have Black, Dekker and John Davis—who produced the original film and is producing the reboot as well—teaming up for this one; I really can't imagine a better case scenario.

Predator is the muscle-bound action 1987 movie that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura as commandos being stalked in a jungle by a fearsome alien. John McTiernan directed the film, which was one of the movies that cemented Schwarzenegger’s star power.

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Source: THR



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