Sharlto Copley praises how gritty and dark Spike Lee's Oldboy is going to be

It's been almost three months since last writing about Spike Lee's OLDBOY, and even so, I still have a hard time believing this movie is being made. However, one of the film's stars, Sharlto Copley, feels pretty damn good about what he Josh Brolin and Elizaabeth Olsen (below) are laying down. Peep it...

While speaking to MTV at Comic-Con two weeks ago, Copley beamed about the original tone being kept intact:

"They've been very true to the spirit of it. It's dark, it's gritty. They're not sort of softening it, which to me was important. And I'm very excited about that movie. I'm very excited about working with Spike and with Josh (Brolin). I think it's going to be a film that is really worth redoing and make that idea that is such an unbelievable story accessible to maybe more people than it was originally."

Can't ask for much more than that, can you? It's still crazy to me to think Spike Lee is remaking anyone, but hell, even the Coens redid a flick. Maybe Lee will shock us all to hell with his take on the material.

You betting on it?

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Source: MTV



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