Six new cast members arm up for The Purge 3

The annual Purge is swiftly approaching, and Blumhouse is readying their next set of participants. We've already learned that THE PURGE 3 will be slightly dropping the anthology angle by bringing back Frank Grillo's grizzled hero, Sergeant, but so far the entire cast list is PURGE newbies. That is, except for returning actor Edwin Hodge (who played a major part in the original film and appeared for a quick cameo in the sequel), but he's a staple of the franchise at this point.

Joining Grillo and Hodge in their fight against hyperbolic government oppression are Betty Gabriel (BEYOND SKYLINE), Kyle Secor (Homicide: Life on the Street), JJ Soria (CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE), Mykelti Williamson (CON AIR, THE FINAL DESTINATION), and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost). It doesn't seem like this film will be connected too much to the films before it, considering that Grillo can be placed pretty much anywhere and be counted on to kick ass.

I enjoyed how the sequel expanded its vision to the city of Los Angeles, but maybe each sequel can build on that a little more. New York City, anyone? Or maybe even the opposite. What would the Purge look like in Anchorage, Alaska? I bet a lot less murder and a lot more looting of space heater stores. But of course, only time will tell. By next summer all our questions will have been answered, for better or for worse.

THE PURGE 3, directed once again by James DeMonaco, is set to stomp into theaters on July 1, 2016.

Betty Gabriel
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