Sleepaway Camp eyed for a franchise reboot

I can't say that I'm surprised by this, I mean, it had to happen sooner or later, right? The 1983 slasher flick has earned cult status amongst horror fans, and now according to Deadline, ex-Fox/New Line exec Jeff Katz is trying to inject new blood into the SLEEPAWAY CAMP franchise by reviving the summertime screamer for a new generation. Katz will produce the film with the original's writer-director Robert Hiltzik, producer Michele Tatosian and actress Felissa Rose.

The news is still fresh so details are slim, but what's being said so far is that Katz aims to reboot the SLEEPAWAY CAMP mythos in a modern setting with a new film series that echoes its legacy and the psychosexual elements that made the first pic such a memorable cult favorite. Okay, so it sounds like Katz has the right intentions with the reboot, and it's nice to see him bringing the original film's talent on board as well; but as far as remakes/reboots go, I'm neither excited or disappointed by this news—it's just another one off the checklist.

There is one thing to get excited about though, and it's that Shout Factory has announced that they will be releasing the original film on Blu-ray in the spring. So there's that...

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Source: Deadline



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