Stephen King's From a Buick 8 movie in the works

As we all know by this point, Stephen King's literary library has been raided for film material ever since Andy Muschietti's adaptation of IT hit it big last year. There are currently too many king projects in the works to name them all here, but guess what? Today we have another adaptation to add to the pile. Not that I'm complaining!

This time it looks like King's novel FROM A BUICK 8 is getting the feature film treatment. Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment optioned the rights recently to King's bestselling novel and have tapped William Brent Bell to write the script and direct. 

Bell is a name you (might) be familiar with. He helmed the "meh" PG-13 horror flick THE BOY starring THE WALKING DEAD's Lauren Cohan a few years back, and his other genre contributions include the horrible THE DEVIL INSIDE and STAY ALIVE. Oh, boy...

Amritraj will produce with Addison Mehr and Priya Amritraj acting as executive producers.

King published the novel in 2002, From a Buick 8 centers around 

The rural town of Statler, Pennsylvania where the state police have kept a mysterious 1954 Buick Roadmaster in the shed behind the barracks for over twenty years. But when the town is plagued by strange and supernatural events, it turns out the Buick isn’t exactly a car- it’s a door to another dimension. 

FROM A BUICK 8 is one of the few Stephen King tales that I'm not familiar with. So I guess I'll either have to check up ASAP or just allow myself to head into a theater for a King film - for once - not knowing what's going to happen. Sounds like a plan to me! Are you excited about this new adaptation? Let us know below!

Extra Tidbit: It was once developed as a vehicle for George Romero.
Source: Deadline



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