Stephen King's N becoming TV series from Annabelle: Creation director

Looks like with STEPHEN KING'S IT sucking up all the Earth's money these past few weeks, everyone and their grandmother is trying to get a new Stephen King project off the ground. Not that we're complaining by any means.

The newest project is another TV series based on King's work (THE MIST and MR. MERCEDES) but this time the adaptation is heading our way via ANNABELLE: CREATION director, David F. Sandberg.

The series will be an adaptation of King's novella N from his collection Just After Sunset and will now be called 8. Which is just as 'meh' of a title so expect that to change yet again before the series hits.

How excited are you for Stephen King and David F. Sandberg's 8? Have you read the short story? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

8 synopsis:

N, now 8, takes place in Maine where a group of eight imposing stones contains an ancient evil so terrifying that it can drive visitors mad. In the summer of 1992, three teenagers escaped the malicious force, and are confronted 25 years later.

8 is directed by David F Sandberg from a script by Andrew Barrer & Gabe Ferrari (ANT-MAN & WASP).

Extra Tidbit: Have you read Just After Sunset
Source: Deadline



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