Stranger Things' Shawn Levy developing haunted house series Epiphany

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Shawn Levy is best known for making comedies like JUST MARRIED and DATE NIGHT, and family friendly films like CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, BIG FAT LIAR, and the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM series. He even directed episodes of the late '90s Lassie show, and that's pretty much how I've seen him up to this point - the sort of director who would be a perfect match for Lassie. Nice and safe. However, that perception of Levy was altered slightly when he dove into the horror genre to executive produce the Netflix series Stranger Things and direct a couple episodes of both the first season and the upcoming second season.

Levy's latest producing project keeps him working in the genre. His company 21 Laps has set up a project called Epiphany at The CW, with Spenser Cohen attached to write the script for a pilot that will center on 

a group of gifted strangers recruited to a Gilded Age mansion to solve a complex code that lies within the structure's walls.

Epiphany is described as a haunted house psychological thriller that's "in the vein of the works of Stanley Kubrick and Agatha Christie."

Levy and Cohen will be executive producing the series with Anna Halberg and Lee Toland Krieger. If The CW ends up giving a greenlight to the production of the pilot, Krieger will be directing it.

Emily Morris and Dan Cohen will oversee Epiphany for 21 Laps.

We'll let you know if Epiphany moves forward. In the meantime, the second season of Stranger Things will be available for viewing on Netflix as of October 27th.

Extra Tidbit: I am a fan of Levy's boxing robots movie REAL STEEL.
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