Synapse Films prepping restoration of horror classics Prom Night and Curtains

Here's some bloody exciting news for ya! Synapse Films took to their Facebook to announce the restoration of two horror classics - 1980s Jamie Lee Curtis-starring PROM NIGHT and 1983's slasher gem CURTAINS. Can I get a 'Hell, Yeah!'?

Richard Ciupka's CURTAINS is getting the 2K restoration treatment, with Synapse stating via their Facebook...

Today is the kind of day I both loath and love about this business. We have, in our hands, the only existing vault materials for a horror film that many love and have wanted for years to be done right on home video. I'm assigned to the task. The excitement is overwhelming just to SEE the film and find out what is in the cans. The "loath" part is usually the bad news where we find out it was improperly stored, torn, shredded, faded or whatever... But, we'll find out. Synapse will MAKE THIS WORK! 2K scan work commence!

For those who have never seen it, CURTAINS is the story of six actresses called to an audition at a sinister and isolated mansion. Once there, they are picked off one-by-one at the hands of one of the genre's creepiest masked slashers: the Hag.

And if that news wasn't cool enough, Synapse revealed that they are also working on a restoration of PROM NIGHT. Directed by Paul Lynch and starring Curtis along with Leslie Nielsen, this classic film spawned several lackluster sequels (in-name-only) and was later (poorly) remade in 2008, but has remained a classic of the genre for more than three decades. PROM NIGHT's synopsis is as follows:

A masked killer stalks four teens, responsible for the accidental death of a child six years earlier, at their high school's senior prom.

Also from Synapse's Facebook page...

And so, today, I have another surprise (although many of you kind of figured this was coming based on yesterday's reveal of CURTAINS). The [Prom Night] negative is reportedly in poor condition, but we're diving in today after our lab has performed many hours of fixing splices and repairs... A TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE-like restoration may be in order to make this work, but Synapse is up to the task.

We'll keep you posted on news regarding Synapse Films' restorations of these horror classics, including when they will be available, as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: Would you be interested in owning either (or both) of these films on DVD/Blu-Ray?



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