That Leprechaun reboot gets an official title & it's little green man

A few weeks ago we brought you all the jaw-dropping news that WWE Studios and Lionsgate would be rebooting the beloved LEPRECHAUN franchise. Alright... so it's not that beloved... but does it really need a reboot? Apparently so.

This past weekend Variety dropped a couple of key details about the upcoming remake, including the film's official title and it's star! You ready for this? Apparently the flick will be called LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS and will star WWE Superstar Hornswoggle. Let's be honest... who didn't see that casting coming? Hornswoggle (pictured) has played a 'Leprechaun' character on WWE television for years so it only seems logical right? And ORIGINS? Does that mean this will be some sort of prequel? Time will tell.

The article also states the film would be dropping in March 2013 so that means things should be picking up quick for this one! As always as soon as we hear more on LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS, which could be very soon, we'll be right here telling you all about it.

WWE's Kelly Kelly, just because

Extra Tidbit: Warick Davis played the 'Leprechaun' in the previous six films.
Source: Variety



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