That Munsters reboot set to actually be called Mockingbird Lane?!?

Here's a bit of news coming out of left field... You guys know about that "Munsters" reboot heading to NBC right? Well according to TV Line that shite just scored itself a new title! Dropping "The Munsters," this new reimagining will now be called "Mockingbird Lane."

While I'm not really digging this new title I can understand why they're switching things up considering NBC and company are planning on taking the classic television show in a different direction. What do you guys think? Can you get on board "Mockingbird Lane" or does this just further fuel your disdain for this reboot? Be sure to spit some bullets below and let us know what you think!

Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer are the driving forces behind this one, which is currently in the casting stage. Hopefully some of that casting news spills over soon and you can bet as soon as it does we'll be right here to tell you about it.

Extra Tidbit: At one point Kristen Bell (above) was rumored to be up for the role of 'Marilyn Munster.' What's some dream-casting you'd like to see for "Mockingbird Lane?"
Source: TV Line



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