The F*ckin Black Sheep: Robocop 2 (Video)

This week's F*ckin Black Sheep: Video Edition might be a slightly controversial one. ROBOCOP 2 is a movie that was much maligned upon its initial release but has certainly picked up a cult following in the ensuing years, thanks to home video and premium cable. (I seem to recall it being on HBO and/or Cinemax a lot in the early 90s.) Hell, some people will really go to the mat for it, touting its twisted sense of humor, brutal cynicism, and delightfully heinous characters as reasons to celebrate the crazed Irvin Kershner film. One could even argue that, for all its pitch black humor and bloody violence, 1987's ROBOCOP isn't nearly as nihilistic or misanthropic as its follow-up.

Then, of course, there's the glaring fact that Fred Dekker's ROBOCOP 3 is easily the worst of the series. A film no one loves or supports - or even acknowledges - isn't that truly the Black Sheep of the franchise?

Well sir, my man Lance Vlcek addresses this, and all other concerns regarding ROBOCOP 2, in his latest F*ckin Black Sheep video. Lance is a big, big fan of the 1990 sequel, and he lays out a slew of reasons why it needs to be considered on par with the Paul Verhoeven-directed original. Not necessarily a viewpoint I myself share, but as usual Lance makes some very solid points in favor of a mixed-bag of a movie. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

And if you're as much a fan of ROBOCOP 2 as Lance is, you can order the brand new Blu-ray HERE!

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Extra Tidbit: Where do you stand on ROBOCOP 2?



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