The Hellboy reboot will be rated R!

It was just yesterday that we shared the news HELLBOY was getting a reboot with Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT) at the helm and STRANGER THINGS star David Harbour in talks to put on the right hand of doom as the Hellboy.

Well, if that wasn't cool enough news, today we have some new info straight from HELLBOY's creator himself that says the new reboot will be rated R!

HELLBOY creator Mike Mignola posted this tweet late last night:

F*cking cool!

I wasn't 100% on board with a new take of HELLBOY, especially after hearing that del Toro and Perlman wouldn't be returning, but this news makes me feel a whole lot better. HELLBOY was already a "tricky" project to bring to the screen and the thought of a reboot seemed to me like something we didn't really need. 

But to see big red bust heads in a gory R-rated fashion has me all but stalking Fandango to buy my tickets to the Thursday night preview right now.

We'll let you know when we hear anything else regarding this potential HELLBOY reboot so keep checking back and make sure to let us know what YOU think of the new details on the film.

Also, if not Sheriff Hopper, who do you think should play HELLBOY this time around? 

HELLBOY star Selma Blair

Extra Tidbit: Dave Bautista would make a killer HELLBOY!
Source: Twitter



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