The Night Flier's Mark Pavia to direct serial killer film Clare at 16

Fender Bender Mark Pavia

Writer/director Mark Pavia's 1997 adaptation of the Stephen King story THE NIGHT FLIER got so much attention when it was released and so much play on cable television, I thought we were going to be seeing a lot more from Pavia being released on a regular basis. Sadly, almost twenty years went by before the release of Pavia's second feature, the slasher film FENDER BENDER (pictured above).

I'm glad to hear there won't be another extended wait before we get Pavia's third feature, as he has already set up another genre project, an adaptation of the Don Roff novel CLARE AT 16.

The first installment in what could turn out to be a six-book series, CLARE AT 16 tells the story of 

Clare Bleecker, a sixteen-year-old girl who attends Catholic school. To the world, she appears to be a normal teenager, an animal lover, and devout vegan living with her grandparents, but like the town she lives in, Clare is more than she appears to be. Underneath her reserved appearance lives a sociopath with dissociative identity disorder -- a serial killer.

Dennis DeFrehn will be producing the adaptation. Nadia Redler, David Chackler, and Dave Sereny serve as executive producers, with Chackler and Sereny also handling the financing.

Pavia also has a couple crew members attached to the project already: Marilyn Vance will be the film's costume designer, with CHILD'S PLAY composer Joe Renzetti providing the score.

I'm hoping Pavia will turn out to be prolific after all, and a teenage serial killer movie from him sounds like a good time to me. 

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of THE NIGHT FLIER and/or FENDER BENDER?
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