The Secret in Their Eyes producers find horror Under Your Feet

The Secret in Their Eyes

Haddock Films and Tornasol Films, producers of the excellent 2009 Argentine film THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES (pictured above), which won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and received an American remake that was also pretty great itself, are working with 16:9 Cine and Warner Bros. Argentina to bring the horror story UNDER YOUR FEET (or BAJO TUS PIES) to the screen.

Directed by Cristian Bernard from a screenplay he wrote with editor Hernán Moyano, the film is inspired by real events and will have a visual style influenced by classics like ROSEMARY'S BABY, THE TENANT, THE SHINING, and THE OTHERS.

The story centers on 

Priscilla, a mother who decides to move with her two small children and leave the past behind. But in their new home they will meet three mysterious sisters who live in the apartment below, the subject of a strange mystery that other neighbors regard with indifference.

16:9 Cine's Roberta Sánchez says the first two acts of the story are a psychological thriller where evil is not seen. In the third act, the film will becoming "a horror fable, a sinister fairy tale".

An Argentine/Spanish co-production, UNDER YOUR FEET is expected to start filming in February. Warner Bros. is co-financing the film and will distribute it in Argentina. Hopefully releases in other countries will follow quickly, as the intention is for this to be a quality suspense film that will attract a worldwide audience.

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Source: Variety



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