The trailer for season 6 of AMC's The Walking Dead is here

The panel for THE WALKING DEAD was held at the San Diego Comic-Con today (in fact, it's still going on as I type this), and as part of it AMC showed the attending audience a lengthy trailer for season 6 of the highly popular series. That trailer was uploaded to the internet immediately following its screening at the con, and below you can feast your eyes on its 4 minute preview of some of the conflicts, zombies, and new characters the next season has in store for viewers.

The first episode of season 6 will air on AMC on October 11th (that's three months and one day from today, for those counting down), with a premiere event to be held at Madison Square Garden. The episode is said to be the biggest in the show's history, with 654 walker extras having been on set during filming.

I find THE WALKING DEAD to be one of the most entertaining and addictive shows on TV, so I will definitely be tuning in three months and one day from now.

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited for season 6?



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