Tom Hardy is waiting for the call about Mad Max sequels

Mad Max: Fury Road George Miller Tom Hardy

Are you anxiously waiting for news on director George Miller's MAD MAX plans following MAD MAX: FURY ROAD? Tom Hardy, who replaced Mel Gibson in the role of iconic antihero Max Rockatansky in FURY ROAD, is right there with you.

Speaking with TheWrap, Hardy revealed that he hasn't heard anything more about a sequel than we have, but he also confirmed that he's ready to spring back into action whenever he hears from Miller.

Miller has said that he has ideas for two more MAD MAX sequels. When asked if those will be happening, Hardy said:

Yeah, I believe so! I don't know when that starts, but I believe that's in the books. There's a couple of those floating around. I'm waiting for the call to come."

Miller has been quoted as saying that he'd like to make a smaller film before returning to the wasteland with Max (and when he does, the result might be titled MAD MAX: THE WASTELAND), but there hasn't been any further news about that smaller film, either.

It's well known that Hardy got frustrated with the process of making MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and butted heads with co-star Charlize Theron during production, so it's good to know that those bad times have been put behind him and he's ready to re-team with Miller any time Miller's ready. Reminiscing about FURY ROAD now, Hardy says, "It was so good, man."

Mad Max: Fury Road George Miller Tom Hardy

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