Tom Savini and Kane Hodder star in Robin Hood: Ghosts of Sherwood; trailer here!

A Robin Hood movie with Kane Hodder as Little John and Tom Savini as the Sheriff of Nottingham? How could you not sign up for that?!

Well, take a look at the trailer for ROBIN HOOD: GHOSTS OF SHERWOOD 3D and then decide. We've also got a sales poster for you to enjoy; both pieces of promo material indicate a movie that will almost certainly be worth watching... with a 12-pack of beer and absolutely nothing else to do.

Here's the synopsis, which tell you everything you need to know: This is the fictitious tale of a cursed Robin Hood who has sold his soul to a witch to stay alive. But death never sleeps and soon Robin dies in a battle. When Marian and Little John try to bring Robin and his Merry Men back to life by using the witch‘s potions that unfortunately turn the dead to the living dead.

With the use of the potions that Marian took from the witch’s cave her and Little John are forced to fight for their lives against their former friends and the accuracy of Robin’s bow. The pair is able to fight their way out of Sherwood Forest, and find that what’s left of the Zombie Robin Hood and his remaining Zombie Merry Men cannot leave the forest. Marian and Little John, decide they will scour the Earth to see if they can find a potion to save their friends, but until then will leave their friends where they are as the’Ghosts of Sherwood’.

The "Zombie Robin Hood" and the "Zombie Merry Men." Love it.

In addition to Hodder and Savini, the ROBIN HOOD: GHOSTS OF SHERWOOD stars Martin Thon, Claude-Oliver Rudolph and Ramona Kuen. It's currently waiting for distribution. (Since it was filmed in 3D, I'm sure they're trying to book IMAX theaters as we speak...)

Extra Tidbit: This has to be at least better than ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES, right?
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