Tony Todd turned down Candyman vs Leprechaun

You know I think it sucks that as badass as FREDDY VS JASON was we never got a sequel. I know that Hollywood wanted one and that it was just a matter of rights hell, but still, if not FREDDY VS JASON 2 (or better yet FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH) then we could have at least been treated to some other killer mashups such as HELLRAISER vs MICHAEL MYERS or some shite like that. No matter how silly the team up, I'd watch it.

And why not? 

Speaking of which, it looks like we almost got CANDYMAN VS LEPRECHAUN, but Tony Todd turned it down. He has noble reasons, and you've got to respect them, but all the same, I would love to live in a world where such a film exists. Anyhow, it ain't gonna happen now with both franchises getting the reboot treatment recently (or could it?) with LEPRECHAUN RETURNS just hitting screens and Jordan Peele's CANDYMAN reboot coming soon.

Here's what Tony Todd had to say on Candyman vs Leprechaun:

This was right around the time of Freddy vs Jason and [Candyman vs Leprechaun] did come across my desk. I saw it and I said, “I will never be involved in something like that.” I respect the character. Once a horror character becomes something of an icon [like Candyman], reluctantly or not, you have to treat that with respect that. I remember watching Abbott and Costello vs Frankenstein continuously as a kid and being amazed that my horror legends were making a comedy. So, I guess there are some ways to make something like that work, but I wasn’t interested in doing that with Candyman.

I guess we'll just have to chalk this one up to movies that could have been cool but never happened. But who are we kidding? This movie would most likely have been awful. But... maybe not. Call it the eternal optimist inside me, but I would still like to see Todd reconsider this motion picture and get him and Warwick Davis back in the slasher saddle for a battle royale. I don't think anyone could convince me that this wouldn't be prime entertainment. 

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