Town of the Living Dead, a reality series about a zombie film, comes to Syfy

Here's an unusual premise for a series: A small Alabama town trying to complete their own independent zombie movie – which has been six years in the making - will be documented as they attempt to finish the damn thing in "Town of the Living Dead", an unscripted, comedic series set to air this October on Syfy.

To expand on that idea:

In Town of the Living Dead, the colorful folks of Jasper, Alabama are determined, once and for all, to complete their zombie movie, Thr33 Days Dead… now six long years in the making. Based on a town urban legend, their film centers on a group of friends trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in rural Alabama. The series will follow the intrepid and motley crew of amateur filmmakers as they struggle against every obstacle imaginable to get to a final cut of their film…which could someday become a movie!

That sounds fun, no? This is Syfy's second foray into the world of the undead of late. Last month it was announced they'd be teaming with The Asylum on "Z Nation". Read about it HERE.

"Town of the Living Dead" airs Tuesday, October 7th - Halloweentime!

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Source: Syfy



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