Trailer for Rob Ager's avant-garde horror flick Turn In Your Grave

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of Rob Ager, but here's a dude I highly suggest you take note of. Not only has the man conducted some of the most thorough and compelling film analyses I've ever come across (including exhaustive readings of such AITH favorites as ALIEN, THE SHINING, BLADE RUNNER, HELLRAISER, etc.), the man is finally put is wealth of film knowledge to use with TURN IN YOUR GRAVE, the first feature length horror film Ager wrote and directed. Scroll down for a plot breakdown and first trailer for this mofo!

Also producing and editing the flick, Ager's TURN IN YOUR GRAVE finds:

A group of seven people awaken in a warehouse full of strange canvas paintings, not knowing who they are or where they came from. As they try to make sense of their predicament they find themselves physically and psychologically attacked by hordes of enemies lurking outside. Is it a practical joke, a gameshow, a dream, a prison ... or perhaps even hell?

Turn In Your Grave will be a feature film that tells multiple stories simultaneously, largely through visual symbolism and unusual narrative devices. The film will thus be very open to viewer perception.

Hells yeah, an avant-garde horror flick? From England no less? Color me every shade of stoked!

As strange as it seems, we've secured a trailer for TURN IN YOUR GRAVE before a proper cast listing. Although, judging by the look and budget of the flick, not many stand out names are going to be involved anyway.

Ager hopes to release TURN IN YOUR GRAVE this summer.

Enjoy the trailer and visit its official site!

Extra Tidbit: I highly recommend checking out Ager's EYES WIDE SHUT analysis.



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