Trailer & poster for Adam Levins' Estranged, from the producer of Insidious

estranged steven schneider adam levins

Last week we brought you the first still from Adam Levins' upcoming ESTRANGED, which is coming at us from PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and INSIDIOUS producer Steven Schneider and is set to premiere at the Newport Film Festival on April 29th. Today we're hitting you with the trailer and poster for the thriller, which stars James Cosmo, Amy Manson, Simon Quarterman, James Lance, Nora Jane-Noone, Craig Conway and Eileen Nicholas.

Due to a near-fatal accident that has left her incapacitated and depleted of her long-term memory, a temporarily wheelchair-bound woman returns home after being abroad for six years accompanied by her bohemian boyfriend, the apparent cause of the accident. Unable to remember her family or her own childhood, she sets out, with the help of her boyfriend, to find the reason for her leaving all those years ago and quickly discovers her relatives may not be as loving as she’d thought.

ESTRANGED is one of the first productions from Schneider’s Vicarious label, which is also producing the upcoming DAY OF THE DEAD remake.

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