Trailer: Serial killer seeks a hero in Artik, starring Lauren Ashley Carter

Artik Tom Botchii

Over recent years, Lauren Ashley Carter has become one of my favorite modern genre regulars with her roles in films like THE WOMAN, POD, JUG FACE, etc. Now she has a film called ARTIK coming out, and she's joined in its cast by fellow modern genre stars Chase Williamson (SiREN, VICTOR CROWLEY) and Matt Mercer (PSYCHOPATHS, CONTRACTED).

Also starring Jerry G. Angelo as the title character and 14 CAMERAS' Gavin White, ARTIK sounds to be a unique take on the serial killer film. The feature debut of writer/director Tom Botchii, it centers on 

a family-run sunflower farm, where comic-book obsessed serial killer Artik (Angelo), his life partner Flin (Carter), and their family of foster kids are on the hunt for the ultimate comic-book hero. Until Holton (Williamson), an Al-Anon attending straight edge, punk purist, comes between them.

A search for a comic book hero isn't something I usually expect to see in a movie like this. That story element, combined with the cast and the trailer seen below, has me really looking forward to ARTIK. Hopefully we'll be hearing some distribution news soon.

Produced by Fire Born Studios, ARTIK marks the first joint release from TLG Motion Pictures and Have Not Films.

Extra Tidbit: How does ARTIK look to you?



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