Tristan Risk may play a forest fairie monster in Rory Abel's The Hollow

Ayla Tristan Risk Elias

AYLA's mononymous writer/director Elias and star Tristan Risk may be reteaming on the upcoming cabin in the woods horror project THE HOLLOW. Elias will be co-producing the film and has written the screenplay with Corey Stephens and Rory Abel.

Abel, director of the 2013 film PHOBIA (which Elias executive produced), will be directing THE HOLLOW and shared a synopsis with Rue Morgue:

Hoping to overcome childhood trauma, Jax visits the family cabin where, years earlier, his father murdered his mother. However, what is meant to be an opportunity for catharsis ends in tragedy when both Jax and his fiancée Lucy go missing. A week later, Jax is found wandering the forest miles from the cabin, with no memory of what happened or what became of Lucy. 

When traditional methods fail to retrieve his lost memories, Jax once more ventures out to the cabin with his therapist, Howard, in tow. Unbeknownst to Jax, Howard also encourages Jax’s estranged sister Shanon and best friend Andy to join them as a support system for him. 

These four, along with Shanon’s girlfriend Rue, converge on the cabin—but they’re not alone in the woods; a supernatural entity, the Hollow, stalks the forest that surrounds the cabin. A woman in appearance, she possesses a bottomless hunger that requires constant sustenance. So great is her unending appetite that it affects everyone around her. Jax and his friends are no exception, and slowly they surrender to her influence.

Describing the project as a mixture of THE EVIL DEAD and CABIN FEVER, Abel said, 

the monster isn’t the threat. It’s the individual characters. Basically, everyone slowly loses their minds and turns on one another..."

I'm a sucker for movies about characters turning against each other while trapped in one location, so I will definitely be checking this one out.

Risk is said to be "very interested" in playing the Hollow itself, the supernatural entity/"forest fairie monster" stalking the characters. That sounds like a great role for the actress.

There have already been so many films titled THE HOLLOW or something very similar that Abel acknowledges that he'll probably have to change the title of his film before it's released into the world, "we just haven't found a title we like better at this point!"

Extra Tidbit: How does THE HOLLOW sound to you?
Source: Rue Morgue



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