TV REVIEW: Supernatural, Season 10, Episode 19 (The Werther Project)!

EPISODE: "The Werther Project"

THE PLOT:  Sam (Jared Padelecki) seeks out a device called The Werther Project, one that is supposed to help Rowena read the book of the damned. Alas the thing comes with a nasty defense system, it makes people commit suicide…


Dean back in purgatory...i.e. where he belongs?

THE DEALIO: Hey all, sorry I’m late on this one; I had some PVR problem i.e. it deleted the episode by itself before I could freaking watch it. It took me till now for me to see it. Better late than never I guess! When the dumb moves to serve the plot weren’t popping out the screen to slap me around (like Sam trusting Rowena, she probably doesn’t even need the book, or Sam stupidly hiding his plan from Dean) I had fun with the The Werther Project; mostly for two reasons.

1-The storyline sent Dean back to purgatory. Not only was it groovy to re-visit that colorless paradise of violence and see a Leviathan get its head chopped off (I kind of miss them buggers); good old vampire Benny (an old pal of Dean’s) returned in a cameo… well, kind of as it wasn’t the real Benny but an illusion caused by The Werther Project. On that, it still resulted in Jensen Ackles and Ty Olsson bouncing off each other within gripping dialogue driven scenes, which is always a pleasure to witness. Both lads have a slick chemistry together and the Dean/Benny relationship has always been a strong one. The purgatory scene also resulted in solidifying past revelations in terms of the Dean character. He is beyond tired of fighting and his back up plan when it comes to the mark is quasi suicide. Ackles had some stirring moments of acting in this episode and he made it all work!

One thing is clear: Sam will save his brother no matter the cost! Dude don't give a f*ck...

2-The hauntings (by some pretty shoddy CGI smoke effect) and the suicide bits were pretty bleak and mean spirited in tone/execution. Furthermore, I have to commend the show for managing to pull a fast one on me. Yes, I mean Sam drawing his own blood to unlock the Werther Project with Rowena on hand being all an illusion. I didn’t see that one coming at all! Way to swindle and then sucker punch me! Add to that well done 1970’s flashbacks that added further production value to the episode, some moments of tension and a handful of great lines (with my fav being this Dean doozy: I'd like to get back to the bunker, get my buzz on, and pass out watching Speed 2: Cruise Control) and you get a pretty solid episode.

NOTE: Like I said before though; I'm really having a hard time getting past the IDIOTIC decisons the Sam character has been making. Although part of it has to do with Sam losing his humanity in the name of saving his brother (he didn't blink when that innocent gal died in this episode), lots of it also has to do with weak writing. END OF NOTE.

On that, only 3 episodes to go! What’s on the menu? The return of the daughter of Castiel’s vessel Claire Novak (played by Kathryn Love Newton), Charlie (Felicia Day) back in the mix yet once again and Dean going on a rampage! Looks like Supernatural will cap-off its season with a bang a splat! 




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