UK cannibal horror Elfie Hopkins scores itself a brand new quad poster!

Just yesterday I was right here giving you all a look at the newest trailer for Ryan Andrews' UK cannibal romp ELFIE HOPKINS and now today we've got a new quad poster for the flick to go right along with it!

The new quad is basically just an extended look at the previous one-sheet but it does offer up a bit more to take a gander at, nothing worth writing home about though. Courtesy of Empire you can tap that shite by scrolling on down directly below.

Elfie Hopkins and The Gammons tells the story of a misfit stoner and pulp fiction aficionado Elfie Hopkins. She dreams of escaping the dreary rural village and hitting the big smoke for some action. But when a mysterious family moves in across the street Elfie soon realizes that the biggest and certainly bloodiest case of her life has just landed on her door step.

The film sports a solid cast that includes Jamie Winstone (below), Ray Winstone, Rupert Evans, Kate Magowan, Aneurin Barnard, Steven Mackintosh and Kimberley Nixon. ELFIE HOPKINS lands in UK theaters on April 20th. Unfortunately there's no word on when this one might be released here in the US but you can bet as soon as we hear something we'll pass that shite right along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: We first wrote about ELFIE HOPKINS over a year ago back in February 2011.
Source: Empire



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