UPDATE: Michael Biehn confirms he's returning as Hicks in Alien sequel

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UPDATE: The Instagram page referenced is NOT Biehn's. More at bottom.

The speculation is over! Michael Biehn has taken to Instagram to confirm that he’s set to reprise the role of Corporal Duane Hicks from 1986’s ALIENS in Neill Blomkamp’s as-yet-untitled ALIEN sequel. Stay frosty!

Biehn posted the confirmation a couple of weeks back, but it went largely unnoticed as he hasn't made his profile public. Here's what Beihn shared:

"It's official. I will be reprising my role as 'Cpl.' (Not for long...) Dwayne Hicks. With the go-ahead, Hicks will return with Ripley in mid 2017. Perhaps Hicks and Ripley well eventually get to second base in this one..."

Very cool news, indeed! As for the 'Not for long...' comment, could that mean Hicks is getting a promotion? Or does it imply something else altogether? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Biehn also took to Instagram in response to a comment about his scheduled appearance at Sheffield Film and Comic-Con in the UK. Biehn stated that...

“I’m not looking at scheduling conflicts with the Sheffield Comic Con, due to my contract for Aliens to begin filming during then.”

The Sheffield Film and Comic-Con goes down in August, so that means filming on Blomkamp's ALIEN sequel should begin this summer!

We've been stoked about Blomkamp's vision for a new ALIEN film ever since first seeing his kickass concept art back in early January. There isn't a doubt in my mind that Blomkamp will deliver something truly great with his ALIEN film and I can't wait to hear more details as the production comes together.

Welcome back, Hicks.


So it turns out that this story MAY be some B.S. as Jennifer Blanc-Biehn took to her Facebook page to say that the Instagram page is not Michael's, but added "It means he hasn't made any announcements.through social media. It doesn't mean anything
Just want to clarify what's his."

There's still hope that Biehn is in...we just have to wait for an official announcement.

Extra Tidbit: Does this bit of news make you happy? Who else would you like to see return to the ALIEN universe?



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