Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd sets WWII-alien series Horizon for USA

From zombies to aliens, Gale Anne Hurd is all about the horror!

Ms. Hurd (seen above), wildly successful EP of "The Walking Dead," is producing a new show for USA called "Horizon," a WWII-set alien invasion yarn. Bridget Tyler created, wrote the script and will co-exec produce the series.

HORIZON is about a woman who discovers her husband may have been killed by aliens in the South Pacific during World War II. She, ultimately, becomes the only person standing between Earth and an outer-space invasion.

I'm down with a war-set alien show, for sure, but USA isn't exactly a hotbed of genre programming. I do wonder how the material will be handled, especially with Hurd on board. She knows "TWD" is the most popular horror show on the tube (with "AHS"), so she must know "Horizon", in order to make a true splash, must court the controversial and bring the edgy. But on USA? Seems an odd fit. But then again, so must have FX and AMC before their respective breakthroughs.

Extra Tidbit: Will this be more like "TWD" or something like that TNT show "Falling Skies"?
Source: Variety



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