Waterstone Entertainment checks into Clown Motel

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"The laughs are on us, but the jokes are on you."

There is a motel in Tonopah, Nevada that you couldn't pay me to stay in. It's considered by many to be America's scariest motel, but it's not haunted by ghosts. Oh, no...it's worse than that. It's filled with clowns. I'm talking about the famed Clown Motel, and now it is serving as the inspiration and shooting location for a new horror film.

Waterstone Entertainment has just acquired the rights for CLOWN MOTEL, a horror/thriller loosely based on an actual location of the same name. The project centers around...

...two video bloggers who trek out to a mysterious locale infamously known for strange occurrences. Soon after the duo's arrival, a group of intoxicated thugs set out to burglarize the bloggers but soon find themselves banding together to survive the night from the real terror that lies within the ancient landmark.

Jeff Kalligheri of Waterstone will produce the film with a script written by John Darko and Anthony Cincotta. Waterstone's recent titles include psychological thriller THE LETTER starring actors James Franco and Winona Ryder, and the Samuel L. Jackson-starring BIG GAME.

CLOWN MOTEL is now on a fast track seeking a studio to partner with for a hopeful Halloween release via Jay Cohen at The Gersh Agency.

I'm not clowning around when I say that this place is a coulrophobic's nightmare, making it the perfect setting for a horror flick. Not only is the building itself and the lobby filled with hundreds of scary-ass clowns, but every room is clown themed as well. But it gets worse: the Clown Motel shares a lot with a cemetery full of gold miners who died from a plague. Cancel my reservations right now!

This could certainly be a terrifying flick, even if you don't suffer from a fear of clowns. I'm excited to hear more on this one.

Extra Tidbit: Would you spend a night in the Clown Motel?



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