We interview Teresa Palmer, Maria Bello & more for horror pic Lights Out!

Are you afraid of the dark? You turn out the lights and see the shadow of a jacket draped over a chair, it may look like a stranger hidden in the corner. If this freaks you out, get ready for the relentlessly scary new feature LIGHTS OUT. It all started with a short by the same name. Director David F. Sandberg took this spooky idea and scared the crap out of people thanks to a simple yet startling idea. And now, he brings us one of the best horror films of the year. Featuring a talented cast including Teresa Palmer, Maria Bello, Billy Burke, Alexander DiPersia and young Gabriel Bateman, this is the real deal. You'll want to keep the lights on after this.

Recently, at the junket for LIGHTS OUT, we once again spoke to Teresa Palmer - one of my personal favorites. Ms. Palmer is an absolute beauty, and really damn talented. We talked about fear of the dark and taking on a leading role in a horror film. She opened up about her reaction to the original short and how she was too afraid to watch it at night. The actress is fantastic as a woman terrorized by a supernatural force.

Next up we spoke to Alexander DiPersia. The actor takes on the role of the loyal boyfriend, yet he adds a ton of charm. He talked about working with Sandberg and playing the guy in distress, which he did a terrific job at. After that, we sat down with the director himself, along with his wife Lotta Losten - the actress featured in the short and the film. The two discussed creating a feature film out of an under five minute short, and they revealed why the film's frightening villain is simply called 'Diana.'

Finally we talked with the wonderfully talented Maria Bello. During our chat she opened up about how her own life connected to that of the character she plays. When a horror film features this kind of cast, it's a real treat for fans looking for a better than average scary good time. And yes, LIGHTS OUT is better than average. It is downright terrific. If you love scary movies, this is a no-brainer, GO SEE IT. LIGHTS OUT opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

Source: AITH

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