Zombie Diaries co-director to take you Within the Woods

Michael Bartlett, co-director of the ZOMBIE DIARIES series and PARANORMAL DIARIES: CLOPHILL has signed on to direct WITHIN THE WOODS. No, it's not a remake of Sam Raimi's pre-EVIL DEAD short film. According to news sources it's more Stand By Me meets Halloween and Assault on Precinct 13.

Shooting is set to take place in Missouri this January. The British filmmaker will be bringing over BAFTA-nominated production designer Tony Noble to work on WITHIN THE WOODS. Christopher J. Campbell, the cinematographer behind THE SIGNAL, is set to lens the film. As for the story: "The horror begins mid-winter and follows two teens trapped within an old treehouse within the woods that’s under attack from unseen entities."

Sound familiar? Well, it's pretty much the same basic logline of a flick called TREEHOUSE that was being pimped at AFM 2012 last summer. Said film was going to be the debut of Michael Guy Ellis, sound mixer and post production coordinator of ZOMBIE DIARIES 2. Based on these coincedences I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's very likely these projects are probably one in the same. Check out the synopsis and poster for TREEHOUSE below and feel free to tell us wheher or not you agree with this assumption...

After the sudden disappearance of a local brother and sister, the town of Westlake is put under a curfew by local law enforcement. The annual fair is canceled, much to the annoyance of KILLIAN and CRAWFORD, two brothers attending Bayscout High. They decide to sneak into the woods that night to meet some local girls and shoot off some fireworks. When their friends do not show up, the two brothers decide to paint the sky.

When the fireworks illuminate a structure high up in the trees, they discover a treehouse. Inside it is ELIZABETH whom they recognize from local news reports as the missing sister.

ELIZABETH is badly injured and unable to recall what has happened. All she is able to articulate is that 'things' took her little brother. CRAWFORD runs for help, while KILLIAN waits with her. Crawford never returns.

What follows is a nightmare journey into Hell as the “things” within the woods lay siege to the treehouse. It is only a matter of time before the treehouse – their sanctuary – eventually becomes their tomb. ELIZABETH and KILLIAN are forced to find a way out in order to survive and learn the fates of their brothers. Their escape ultimately leads them to a shocking revelation, culminating in a brutal finale with their attackers.

Extra Tidbit: Any ZOMBIE DIARIES fans out there? I hear those flicks are better than Romero's DIARY OF THE DEAD.



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