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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Dan Reed

Gillian Anderson/Alice
Danny Dyer/Adam
7 10
Hot yuppie dame (Anderson) seduces (aka robs the cradle) average dude (Dyer) that hooked up a security system in her flat. All is well, sexy and steamy for a while until he gets beaten to a Ketchup-pulp and she’s disgustingly raped by a group of ex military boozers. After the attack, our two victims pool their talents together all in the name of payback.

My father didn't believe in turning the other cheek - Alice

If there's one thing that I groove to as to the revenge subgenre is its simplicity. It usually goes a little bit like this: you f*ck me up, I f*ck you up more and there's generally a subplot jiving in there about some cop on the case or something i.e. a cut- away device. So it was with that M.O. in mind that I choked the life out of Straightheads (titled Closure in the US) but surprise, surprise, the film deviated form the basics and became its own animal.

Straightheads (which by the way is Brit street slang to define peeps that didn’t take part in a crime); set me up real good and in a harsh and disturbing fashion at that. Once that deed done; it went on to mess with my pre conceived expectations, resulting in quite the engrossing watch. What could’ve been a one-two-three jamboree became: one- around the block- back again and then three nightmare. I respected that. Instead of taking the usual path; the flick slyly delved into the emotional damage that comes with being severely wronged and the repercussions/reactions it can have on an individual. Shit, it even went on to address the “motive” of the lead bad guy, his “excuse” if you will. That’s rare! Yup the film tapped into that gray zone as to this kind of situation and I for one relished in constantly switching sides, as our two victims “changed” their stances on what they want to do.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gillian Anderson shows-off her luscious breasts and oh so spankable ass in the film. Wood was achieved. END OF NOTE.

Another aspect that I appreciated with this one was its lack of subplots. Narrative was a straight line through and through. We opened with these two crazy kids and then stayed with their sorry asses the whole way. The flick rarely cut away to anything else and thankfully it had the juice to pull that off. Result? I was much involved in the leads’ plight, was emotionally hooked and when vengeance came a knocking; I was gleefully muttering “f*ck yeah” under my breath. Tag to all that; powerful performances by the magnetic Gillian Anderson and the charismatic Danny Dyer, a couple of memorable brutal bits (the rifle intrusion being the stand out one — ouch!), occasional tension laced scenarios and stripped down directing that jacked the oomph of the nasty storyline and you get a ditty that whacked me where it counts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gillian Anderson looks sexy as f*ck on a stick when holding a sniper rifle and aiming to kill. DAMN! END OF NOTE.

On the blank side of the bullet; the flick sporadically stretched suspension of disbelief in the name of getting its plot to move forward. Yeah, I went with it anyways (I’m that guy) but it needed to be said. Furthermore; I didn’t fully buy into one of the main characters' progression from “this” to “that”. Although the flick slapped hints in there that the character was “changing”; I feel more time should’ve been spent on it. Would’ve made the arc much stronger. And should I feel ashamed to have hoped for more violence? More vengeance? I know the film was mostly about characters and that’s fine but the exploitation fan in me couldn’t help but crave further splat-splats. Finally at 88 minutes; it all ended too abruptly forthis twat. 20 more minutes would've been nice. I didn't feel like the movie was over.

By and large though; Straightheads was a breath of dead air for yours truly, even with its faults in tow. It played it down, took chances and for the most part, stayed true to itself. I'm a fan!

The film wasn't graphic, but the atrocities it suggested more than made up for its lack of gore. Some nasty shit in here!
It was great to see Gillian Anderson (Alice) play this type of role! She nailed her Brit accent while managing to hit all of the proper emotional notes. Grade A! Danny Dyer (Adam) got to play Danny Dyer again (great role) but with a twist this time; he had to explore the dark side of the coin and he did it pretty freaking well. Sold!
T & A
Any film that has Gillian Anderson go topless AND show her butt cheeks has my respect. The truth was in here! Gal looks fine!
Dan Reed put out a minimalist and gritty show that worked wonders for the story at hand. And big props to the somber cinematography which hit the bitch out of the park.
We get an appealing and moody techno-ish score that fit this bill perfectly.
Although at heart Straigtheads was a vigilante flick; it wasn’t Death Wish, The Punisher or Death Sentence. This bad-girl focused more on characters, their layers and their evolution than actual violence. So if that talks to you (it did me) hit it! Granted; the story pushed credibility in places, the script took too many shortcuts and it all ended way too fast but when all was yelled and killed, this sexy, grippingly acted and randomly vicious bitter pill pleased the shit out of me. I’ll be adding this one to my DVD collection for sure. Will you?
Writer director Dan Reed cut his teeth on documentaries such as "Terror in Moscow" and "Shooters."

The film went theatrical in the UK but was recently dumped on DVD in North America under the title CLOSURE.