House II: The Second Story (1987) – The Best Scene

A new video from the JoBlo Horror Originals channel takes a look at the best scene in House II: The Second Story

The 1986 horror comedy House, directed by Steve Miner from a screenplay by Ethan Wiley (based on a story by Fred Dekker), has a solid cult following to this day. The 1987 standalone sequel House II: The Second Story (watch it HERE), which was written and directed by Wiley (again from a story by Dekker), has a less positive reputation than its predecessor. But there are fans out there who enjoy House II even more than the first House – and I happen to be one of those fans. So I’m very happy to see that JoBlo’s own Lance Vlcek has decided to celebrate House II: The Second Story, which has been a favorite of mine since childhood, with a new video that digs into The Best Scene in the movie! You can check it out in the embed above.

If you’re familiar with House II and wondering which scene Lance has picked out as the best, it’s the one that involves electrician and “part-time adventurer” Bill Towner, played by John Ratzenberger from the classic sitcom Cheers. Bill comes over to check out the wiring in the titular house and ends up venturing through “one of those time portal things” to aid our heroes in a quick battle with some Aztec warriors.

House II has the following synopsis: A large, haunting stone house. It’s been in Jesse McLaughlin’s family for generations. But it’s only recently that the young artist has taken up residence there for some “peace and quiet”… Jesse is in for some BIG surprises! Before long, Jesse and his lifelong friend Charlie are pitched headlong into a series of dizzying and horrific adventures. From a face-to-face confrontation with a rotting mummy to the discovery of a magical skull. From multi-dimensional time travel to an all-out battle with fierce Aztec warriors. And from a celebration dinner with a 175-year-old grandfather to a showdown with a vicious gunman from the grave. Jesse and Charlie will encounter things guaranteed to horrify and delight. Around the corner, down the hall and through the gaping door of nightmarish imaginings lies… HOUSE II: THE SECOND STORY.

The film stars Arye Gross, Jonathan Stark, Royal Dano, Lar Park Lincoln, Bill Maher, Amy Yasbeck, Devin DeVasquez, and – as mentioned – John Ratzenberger.

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