The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild trailer and images swing into sub-zero action

After facing a meltdown, the dawn of the dinosaurs, the continental drift, and a collision course with a meteor shower, the Ice Age crew is back! Today, Disney+ unveiled the trailer, poster, and images for The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, an all-new animated adventure featuring the return of the beloved characters from the wildly successful Ice Age franchise. The original film premieres exclusively on Disney+ on January 28, 2022.

Per Disney+, here is the official break-down for The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild:

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild continues the hilarious escapades of the sub-zero heroes as they create more prehistoric pandemonium. Eager for a little independence, the thrill-seeking possum brothers Crash and Eddie set out to find a place of their own but soon find themselves trapped beneath the ice in a massive cave inhabited by dinosaurs. They are rescued by the one-eyed, adventure-loving weasel Buck Wild, and together, with the help of some new friends, embark on a mission to save the Lost World from dinosaur domination. The movie, which features the voices of Simon Pegg (Mission: Impossible – Fallout), Utkarsh Ambudkar (Free Guy), Justina Machado (One Day at a Time), Vincent Tong (Ninjago), and Aaron Harris, is directed by John C. Donkin (Ice Age: Continental Drift producer), written by Jim Hecht (Ice Age: The Meltdown), Ray DeLaurentis (Fairly Odd Parents) and Will Schifrin (Bunsen is a Beast) from a story by Jim Hecht, with Lori Forte (the Ice Age franchise) serving as executive producer.

You can check out the new images and posters for The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild below:

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, animaiton, Disney+
Ice Age, Blue Sky, Disney
Buck Wild, 2022, Simon Pegg
Buck Wild, Ice Age, sequel, feature
The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild trailer, poster

Wow! Can you believe that the last Ice Age movie, Ice Age: Collision Course, came out in 2016? That feels like a million years ago, what with the pandemic warping time and space with every passing day. I think it’s about time we got a new Ice Age adventure and on Disney+ no less. That should make it easy for parents to plunk their kids in front of the screen for some quality time with old animated friends. Plus, the adults can sneak a glass of wine or two in during the show, which is always a plus for the nerves. Everybody wins!

Do you think Crash, Eddie, and Buck Wild will be able to carry their own film? Have you missed the Ice Age franchise or would you prefer that it go extinct? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Disney+

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