Interviews: Rachel Weisz, Britne Oldford and more talk about Dead Ringers

We interview stars Rachel Weisz, Britne Oldford, Poppy Liu and creator Alice Birch about their thriller series.

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

Dead Ringers, based on the 1988 film by David Cronenberg and the novel Twins by Bari Woods, is not what you are expecting. Cronenberg’s film starred Jeremy Irons in the dual leads roles of identical twin gynecologists who descend a spiral of drugs and sex littered with body horror and more. It was a shocking film that has never been ripe for a remake. That is why this new Prime Video series shares the title of Dead Ringers and the core plot, but the rest is a bold reinvention and reimagining that tells a very prescient tale.

Set in the modern day, Rachel Weisz plays the identical twin gynecologists Beverly and Eliot Mantle. The sisters share a bond beyond explanation, but the two are eerily similar yet very different. The siblings look to open a clinic to protect women, especially expectant mothers, and navigate some arduous mental trauma on their journey. With romance and stress in equal measure, the Mantles’ descent into madness differs greatly from the 1988 version. Still, it gives a challenging and shocking dramatic look at being a woman in the 21st century.

I got the chance to discuss Dead Ringers with the cast and creative talent. Britne Oldford (The Umbrella Academy) talked about playing opposite Rachel Weisz in a powerful dual role. Poppy Liu talked about playing a character who audiences may not be prepared for. I also talked to series creator Alice Birch about the shocking birth scenes shown in the series and how they are unlike anything put on film before. Star Rachel Weisz talked to me about how she approached playing two very different characters who share the screen for almost the entire series. Check out the full interviews in the embed above.

Dead Ringers premieres on April 21st on Prime Video.


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