Interviews: Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevigne discuss the final season of Carnival Row

We interview the stars of the Prime Video fantasy series as they discuss the conclusion of Philo and Vignette’s epic tale.

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Premiering in 2019, Prime Video’s fantasy series Carnival Row was quickly renewed for a second season before the first episode ever hit the streaming service. Then, the pandemic hit. Almost four years later, the second season is finally here, but it also serves as the final chapter in the Victorian-set drama of fairies, witches, and more. With the star power of Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevigne in the lead, the series is set to deliver a cohesive conclusion for fans of this world and story.

Season two of Carnival Row (read our review) continues the battle between humans and the Fae as a new threat appears, potentially starting an all-out war between the disparate factions in the Burgue. While Philo investigates bodies appearing with connections to the Row, Vignette continues to align herself with the Black Raven. The ten-episode season brings everything to an epic confrontation that will change the future of everyone in the Burgue forever. It is a massive season that eclipses the scope of the first in every way.

I had the chance to talk about the final season of Carnival Row with the two leads of the series. Orlando Bloom talked about what differentiates this season of the series with his experience in CGI-heavy fantasy projects. He also talked about what it was like portraying Philo, knowing this was the final season. Cara Delevigne also talked about her inclusion in the planning for the end of this story and how different Philo and Vignette’s love story is played this season. Both actors talked a great deal about the experience of making this show in the shadow of COVID-19 and the potential to see this story continue. Check out the full interview in the embed above.

Carnival Row premieres on February 17th on Prime Video.


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