We investigate Patrick Bateman in new Behind the Movie Killer! Video!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Greetings and welcome back to episode 3 of our brand new investigative mockumentary series, BEHIND THE (MOVIE) KILLER! We tackled the Candyman killings in Episode 2 and haven't been able to look in a mirror since! And speaking of looking into mirrors, the next horrific subject under the microscope of Special Agent Casper Bollocks is quite the narcissist. I'm talking about the AMERICAN PSYCHO himself, PATRICK BATEMAN!

So, break out your brand new business cards and reserve a table at Dorsia as we timewarp back to the 80s to see if Mr. Bateman truly was as psychotic as many think… or was it all in his head. Click on that embed at the top of the page to see! And, feel free to put on some Phil Collins as well. And if you dig our episode, please LIKE AND SHARE with your gore-loving friends!


Source: Arrow in the Head

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