Jake Gyllenhaal needs a shave like Swinton needs dental work in Okja pics

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Netflix may not be cranking out massive blockbusters on par with Disney, but they’re certainly becoming the studio for interesting, smaller films. One of the movies on horizon is the Bong Joon Ho effort, OKJA, about a young girl (An Seo Hyun) who goes off to find her lost pet – which happens to be a huge beast. We recently got a small tease for the film, and now we have a new look at Hyun and actress Tilda Swinton’s Lucy Mirando (sporting some fashionable mouth accessories), and a first look at Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dr. Johnny Wilcox, a zoologist who looks lie your creepy uncle.

Take a look and click to embiggen!

I’m still waiting on a full trailer to have a concrete opinion about watching the movie, but I loved Ho’s SNOWPIERCER, so I have faith the man can deliver the goods. Netflix is great about letting director’s be unrestricted, letting their imaginations run wild. Let's just hope he doesn't let Gyllenhaal run within 500 feet of an elementry school.

OKJA debuts on Netflix on June 28.

Source: Netflix

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