Jake Gyllenhaal & Ryan Reynolds are serious in space in Life poster

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

LIFE starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson is one of those movies where I have no idea how it’s gonna play out. We can either expect a middle-of-the-road sci-fi/action flick that will barely register, or a complex thriller set in space that will recall classics like ALIEN.  With that in mind the first poster for the movie has dropped, along with some images, and needless to say my arms are still up in the air, as it’s hard to gauge the movie’s tone or style while staring into Gyllenhaal’s baby blues (browns? greens?).

Take a look!

The images fall along the same lines of ambiguity, but at least hint at something maybe a little terrifying in store for the crew. See for yourself!

The poster falls into the same line as the upcoming PASSENGERS movie, in that it's a space movie the studio has no idea how to advertise other than by pushing the stars. There's clearly a lot of plot details that can't be illustrated without really having to go outside of the box, which could be cool to see, but in the end a lot of people are going to see this movie based off the names on the marquee. To reiterate I have no earthly idea how this movie will turn out, but I will always hope for the best, because what kind of cynical nihilist wants something to suck? Don't raise your hand, Greg.

LIFE will find a way to a theater near you on March 24.

Source: Columbia Pictures

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