Jason Statham confirms Layer Cake sequel is still in the works

Last Updated on August 5, 2021


A little over ten years ago, director Matthew Vaughn (KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, KICK-ASS) brought his directorial debut to the world with LAYER CAKE. Starring a pre-James Bond Daniel Craig, the film proved to be one of the better gangster flicks of its kind, and paved the way for both director and star to take on bigger projects. Author J.J. Connnelly, who scripted the film, also wrote a sequel novel entitled, "Viva La Madness", of which he's currently writing the script for. Jason Statham has been hell-bent on producing/starring, and he's just given a little update on the progress.

Jason Statham on the progress of VIVA LA MADNESS:

J.J. Connelly's written a great book called "Viva La Madness", and we're taking that book and doing something great with it. He's such a talented writer. The book was incredible. I loved LAYER CAKE and this is, if anything, better. The chance to work with someone of that caliber, to do something back home, it's the most exciting thing on my plate. We're doing it next year, and it's full steam ahead. We're putting all the finance together, and we're off and racing.

Jason Statham has been the de facto action star for some time, so I don't blame the guy for looking to produce something with a little more meat. Say what you will about SPY (you can check out our surprisingly positive review here), but at least he's up for poking fun at the hole he's dug himself into. If the script for VIVA LA MADNESS is as great as Statham says it is, maybe he can throw fans a juicy cinematic bone in a few years' time.

You can check out Jason Statham next in SPY, which hits theaters next Friday!

Jason Statham could always go back to music videos!

Source: Digital Spy

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