Jeff Goldblum joins the cast of The Price of Admission comedic drama

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Sound the trumpets, roll out the fuzzy, red carpet, and make some noise, because Jeff Goldblum is joining the cast of THE PRICE OF ADMISSION. What's that movie about, you ask? It's an upcoming dramatic comedy that already stars Michelle Monaghan (SOURCE CODE) and Michael Sheen (TRON: LEGACY). The film will be directed and written by Peter Glanz (THE LONGEST WEEK) and will center on a middling playwright (Sheen) dealing with a midlife crisis and failing marriage to a wife (Monaghan) that is tired of being second fiddle to his work. The only person who understands his plight is his best friend, Alexander Taft (Goldblum), a behavioral psychologist with a midlife crisis of his own. Incapable of functioning in reality, Harold submerges himself in an elaborate play about his life.

In addition to directing and penning the feature, Glanz will also produce alongside Neda Armian of Armian Pictures and Alex Foster.

Goldblum, who recently returned to his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm for JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM, and stars as The Wolf King in director Drew Pearce's HOTEL ARTEMIS, is a hip get for Glanz's film, which as of the moment has no scheduled release date. Stay tuned for more news about the film as it develops.

Source: ICM Partners

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