Joaquin Phoenix visits his pal Diddy in this clip from I’m Still Here

It might seem pretty cut and dry, but from the rumors behind I’M STILL HERE, I really have no clue what to expect.

For example, I knew the movie would contain man on man defecation. However, yesterday I read that the man defecating on Joaquin Phoenix was the guitarist for Spacehog (Antony Langdon). How odd and random is that? Then again, how odd and random is this whole thing?

Now there’s this new clip from the film where Phoenix goes to the home of Diddy or whatever the f*ck he’s calling himself these days. I have a hard time taking him seriously after the skit on CHAPPELLE’S SHOW, “Breast milk! You make my day!”

Check it out below. Also, if you have no clue what or who Spacehog is, head here (Figured out the Spacehog connection. Summer Pheonix, Joaquin’s sister/Affleck’s wife is in this video).

Source: Vulture

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