JoBlo Movie Network YouTube channel surpasses 1 BILLION views (+1M subs)!

Last Updated on July 5, 2024

In the past few years, has worked tirelessly to build our brand through YouTube, by providing a place to house all the cool video-related movie goods, such as trailers, featurettes, BTS footage, etc., as well as allowing video creators to contribute original content, including mash-ups, retrospectives, and ongoing shows. We've weathered many storms in the process, yet have put all our efforts into building a channel that the fans can go to get all their movie-related video needs fulfilled and thanks to everyone's support we've hit another milestone: 1 million subscribers and over 1 billion views! It's not without your support that this happens and we're proud of what you've all helped us build.

Check out the full press release for this latest milestone below and thanks again to all our fans for your continued support!

The JoBlo Movie Network Reaches 1 Million Subscribers – A YouTube Channel Success Story
An overview of the channel's history, milestones and general strategy, values and mission. 1 Million Subscribers + 1 Billion views and counting.

Montreal, Quebec. (PRWEB) July 21, 2015: Since its inception in 1998, the JoBlo Movie Network has been catering to movie and TV aficionados across the world and growing every year. In the mindset of continuing to serve their emerging audience, the JoBlo Movie Network YouTube Channel ( was established in 2011, sharing the latest and greatest movie trailers, clips and featurettes with viewers, along with exclusive celebrity interviews, original video creations and Comic Con coverage.

And after less than 4 years of existence and plenty of hard work and relationship building with all of the top movie studios, the JoBlo Movie Network channel recently cracked the 1 million subscribers mark and the 1 billion views mark – a benchmark only 275 other YouTube channels in the world have ever cleared. In fact, only 4 Canadian-based channels have more views than JoBlo.

When asked about this milestone, Paul Shirey, Editor-in-Chief at JoBlo, said: “When you consider that JoBlo himself started this site as a hobby in his parents' garage all those years ago, it’s amazing to see our team of fanboys/fangirls reach this milestone among all of the corporate entities taking over the Net these days. We’ve been able to maintain our independence and street cred for all these years and we believe that our fans sense our true passion and love for all things movies.

That said, we realize that none of this would have been possible without our audience’s support, engagement and sharing of our content, as well as the integral relationships that we’ve built with all of the top Hollywood studios over the past 18 years. We’ve interviewed over 2,500 celebrities since our inception, covered over 100 movie set visits and dozens of film festivals/conventions and we believe that our passion and honesty is what keeps fans coming back for more.”

With the great success of their main Movie Trailers channel, JoBlo recently added other related channels to their YouTube network including one focusing on TV Trailers (, Video Game Trailers ( and Movie Hotties videos channel.

You can keep up-to-date on Movie News, Reviews, and of course, Movie Trailers over at JoBlo's website or Like them on Facebook and Twitter.

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