Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to direct a new take on Pet Sematary

PET SEMATARY, already an iconic horror film, has suffered through a mediocre sequel and development hell on a potential reboot. Alexandre Aja was once linked to the film, but now a new director has been attached to the new take on the Stephen King novel. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, best known for helming 28 WEEKS LATER, is now taking the reins on the film.

The original 1989 version of PET SEMATARY was directed by Mary Harron and starred Dale Midkiff and Denise Crosby. Telling the story of a family who lives near an Indian burial ground where the dead can be resurrected, the $11 million budgeted film grossed $57 along with generations of nightmares for anyone who recalls the creepy Zelda.

Fresnadillo definitely has a distinct visual style that would set his remake apart from the Harron version. While I vastly prefer the novel to the 1989 movie, the movie is one of my favorites in the genre. Is there room for improvement, sure, but if they want to redo this movie it needs to be treated the way the remake of EVIL DEAD was treated: be respectful to the original but up the ante visually.

Still, nothing will top how f*cking horrible this scene makes you feel.

Source: Variety

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