Jungle Book screenwriter to adapt Vertigo’s FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics

Are you a fan of Vertigo Comic's FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics? It was also called Collider before the name was changed last year. Deadline has learned THE JUNGLE BOOK (the upcoming Disney version with Jon Favreau directing) scribe Justin Marks has been tapped to adapt the comic series for Warner Bros. David Goyer and Nellie Reed are also attached to the project as producers. Marks will be writing the script based on a treatment from Simon Oliver, who created the series with Robbi Rodriguez.

So what is FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics about? Here's the synopsis from Wikipedia:

FBP imagines a world where disturbances in the laws of physics are as common as weather, and necessitate forecasts about wormhole locations, momentary gravity losses, and entropy reversals. With much fanfare, the government creates a new bureaucratic organization to deal with quantum disturbances, the Federal Bureau of Physics. The story follows special agent Adam Hardy as he deals with internal departmental battles and increasingly dangerous and radical quantum disasters.

So it's sort of like HELLBOY or MEN IN BLACK, but with more science, and less aliens and things that go bump in the night. This is the first I've heard of FBP, but it sounds kind of interesting, and given a big enough budget, some of the quantum disasters could look pretty damn cool. I haven't read the comics though, so if you are a fan of the series, what are your thoughts on a big screen version of FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics?

Source: Deadline

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