Kevin Smith’s Mallrats 2 will now be a 10 episode series

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Early last year, Kevin Smith started announcing all of the returning cast members for MALLRATS 2 (pretty much everyone but Affleck has been confirmed). He’s been pretty quiet about the film ever since, and now we may know why. The Preston & Steven talk show is reporting that Kevin Smith‘s MALLRATS 2 has become a 10-episode series. They posted the following on their Twitter account this morning.

EXCLUSIVE @ThatKevinSmith confirms #MallRats2 is heading into production…as a 10 episode series! Filming dates TBD

Smith’s original plan for the movie involved Brodie (Jason Lee) trying to save the mall with a comic convention, only to have terrorists bust in (I’m serious). If anything, I’m hoping this 10-episode arc will change that, and keep things a little more grounded. As to where these 10 episodes may show up, it’s anyone’s guess. I’d love to see this land on Netflix, but we’ll have to wait and see how things play out. I’m guessing Smith will probably want to film MOOSE JAWS first.

Source: Preston & Steve

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