Larry Wilmore developing Middle Eastern superhero comedy series!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Larry Wilmore was always one of the funnier THE DAILY SHOW correspondents, and his THE NIGHTLY SHOW – which replaced THE COLBERT REPORT – was consistently biting and hilarious. It really is a shame that his show is no longer on the air, but it has freed him to help pursue a new superhero show on ABC about a Middle Eastern superhero. It is currently untitled, but here's the official synopsis:

The untitled series centers on the Sharif family, an ordinary Middle Eastern American family with two superhero parents at a time when it’s illegal to be a superhero, so they are forced to save the world in secret. The show will highlight some of the issues that immigrant families face when it comes to fitting into a society that at many times treats you like the enemy.

Wilmore, who is co-creating the show with Bassem Youssef, had this to say about the project:

I’m beyond thrilled to have the chance to put a family like this on television. Plus, I’ve always wanted to do a show about superheroes and to work with a real life superhero in Bassem is a double bonus.

To which Youssef added:

To have ABC challenge the narrative and stereotypes that have long stuck to people in my region is something spectacular to say the least. To have only terrorist roles available for us one day, then get to play superheroes the next, is ground breaking. I am grateful to work with, Larry Wilmore, one of the most talented writers and producers in the market. SCH is unprecedented, culture-defining, and entertaining for the whole family.

This sounds really fucking cool! I'm looking forward to seeing what these two cook up. Though, I do fear its chances on ABC, but let's hope it gives it a chance to breathe. And, hell, if it becomes really successful, maybe we'll get a Kamila Khan-headed MS. MARVEL movie sooner-than-later!

No release date as of yet, but we'll keep you updated as more information comes through!

Source: Variety

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