Last Looks: Mel Gibson action-comedy scores a February release date

Last Updated on December 29, 2021

Last Looks, Mel GIbson, Charlie Hunnam, release date

Grab some ammunition and your favorite deer hunter hat because we’re about to solve a murder. It’s been announced that RLJE has acquired the North American rights to Last Looks, an upcoming action-comedy starring Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam, and set a release date for this February. Directed by Tim Kirkby (Fleabag, Don’t Forget the Driver, Veep), Last Looks is based on the L.A. detective novel series by author Howard Michael Gould.

Adapted by Gould, Last Looks recreates the first book in his three-book series. The story revolves around Charlie Waldo, an ex-LAPD supercop who left the force and wants nothing more than to retreat to the woods to live a simple life. However, when an eccentric actor named Alistair Pinch’s (Gibson) wife is found dead, Waldo is coaxed out of retirement to investigate what happened. Not long after digging into Pinch’s situation, Waldo discovers an intricate web of gangsters, Hollywood executives, and preschool teachers, each involving themselves with the case.

Also starring in the film alongside Gibson and Hunnam are Morena Baccarin, Rupert Friend, Dominic Monaghan, Lucy Fry, and Cliff “Method Man” Smith.

“We’re delighted to release Last Looks next year,” RLJE Films’ Chief Acquisitions Officer Mark Ward said. “We cannot wait to work with the film’s amazing cast who will take audiences through this unique ‘whodunit’ adventure.”

Last Looks hails from Romulus Entertainment and is produced by Brad Feinstein, Andrew Lazar, Steven Shainberg, and Christina Weiss Lurie.

What do you think about Gibson and Hunnam teaming for an action-comedy murder mystery? Do you think this will turn into a trilogy if it does well? Have you ever read any of the books from Gould’s Charlie Waldo series? If so, let us know if you thought they were any good in the comments section below.

Last Looks is scheduled for a February day-and-date release date in theaters and on VOD.

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